{^HAPPY} Raksha Bandhan Whatsapp Status, DP, Messages, Wishes.

Hello guys. In this post, we are providing you Raksha Bandhan stuff for WhatsApp. Rakhi festival is also known as Raksha Bandhan. Rakhi is a hanger of a thread. Which sisters tie on her brother’s hand with love. find raksha bandhan whatsapp status

She gives blessings for his bright future. Sister bond her brother from the rope of promise to protect her. This promise always binds in love. This festival always kept alive the relation of brother and sister.

raksha bandhan whatsapp status
raksha bandhan whatsapp status

Raksha Bandhan meaning.

There are lots of beautiful Rakhi Whatsapp messages available for you. Get the Free collection of Beautiful Rakhi Whatsapp Status. We provide you the history of Rakhi festival. There are many stories are joined with Raksha Bandhan. In the ancient period when Lord Indra near of loss. Then Indira’s wife read Gayatri Mantra and tie a rakhi on Indra’s right hand.

After that lord Indra won the war against monsters. Since then, people starts celebrate Raksha Bandhan. This festival is celebrated when full moon appeared in the season of Sawan. Here are new profile pics of Beautiful Rakhi Whatsapp Dp with a large collection.

Raksha Bandhan Whatsapp Status for Brother

My brother is the best amongst all.
No wonder everyone says
That he is just like me.
All the best for your life brother
On this occasion when i miss you
And love you more.
raksha bandhan sms for brother
My wonderful brother,
I am sending you a thread
that will definitely make
our bond of love stronger.
Happy Raksha Bandhan!
You never say no,
You never say that’s impossible and
You never say you can’t.
That’s My Bro, A Superman
Who make things possible and
Who make paths smoother.
I Love You Bro…!!!

Happy Raksha Bandhan Poems

My brother is Miles away,
Where I cannot see his smile,
Where I cannot laugh with him,
Where I cannot hold him in my arms,
Yet he is ever in my thoughts and smiles
Happy Rakhi, my dearest brother!

Raksha Bandhan Whatsapp Wishes.

I want to tell u, during times when we fought, my love was in a different mood. Happy Raksha Bandhan!

If I can choose my bro in next life, it will be u (if u gift me Mercedes Benz tomorrow) Love u always Happy Raksha Bandhan.

Rakhi Bandhan 2016 Whatsapp DP

Khuda Kare Tujhe Khushiyan Hazaar Mile, Mujhse Bhi Achcha Yaar Mile, Meri Girlfriend Tujhe Bandhe RAKHI, Aur Ek AUR Behan Ka Pyaar Mile

Rakhi Bandhan Whatsapp Sms Whatsapp Status Whatsapp DP

Rakhi celebrations in full swing. All the brothers and sisters Keep the bond growing. Happy RakshaBandhan, A sisters love for brothers.

Raksha bandhan whatsapp status collection is given below. Raksha Bandhan is that festival of India that is celebrated to show love bond between brothers and sisters. You can also see some raksha bandhan whatsapp status being shared on this blog. If you are looking for animated raksha bandhan images free  for facebook or whatsapp dp, then you are at right page.

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Rakhi images 2016 is being most searched these days as Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016 is approaching soon. We have decided to post some best raksha bandhan images that you can use as your raksha bandhan wallpaper or pic. We have also included best images of Raksha Bandhan whatsapp status 2016 that you can use as raksha bandhan dp pics images.

Use happy raksha bandhan whatsapp 2016 greetings, sms to wish your near and dear ones happy raksha bandhan. Welcome raksha bandhan that is falling on 18th August, 2016 in your own special way and celebrate this festival of love. Raksha Bandhan is Indian’s culture and sankritik festival but now a days people of different faiths are also celebrating it.

Enjoy our awesome collection of images of raksha bandhan, best wishes for raksha bandhan images, best messages for raksha bandhan, etc. Many sites provide Raksha Bandhan Whatsapp Status for brothers and sisters, happy raksha bandhan images and rakhi wallpaper free download links, but we assure you to get the best of them here.

How Diabetes Destroyer Works? Pyare

Do you know how Diabetes Destroyer works? Is Diabetes Destroyer worth to kill your diabetes symptoms? Here I have come up to let know about the Diabetes Destroyer. Many of us paying much attention to this Diabetes Destroyer as diabetes disease is a global concern.  According to the Center for Disease Control, there is nearly three overweight out of 5 in America and most of them having chances to fall sick, a poor health issue and diabetes complication. Those who are suffering from diabetes symptoms, they know the real complexity of health problems. They need to struggle to control their diabetes symptom, and this makes their daily life complicated. So what is this Diabetes Destroyer? How Diabetes Destroyer works to control your diabetes symptoms?

A healthy life is everyone’s growing requirement, those who are suffering from diabetes, they wonder for a proper diet and diet plan to control their diabetes. Many of diabetes patients are trying out non-regulated product to control diabetes, seeing commercial on television. Finding the way to manage diabetes most of you may be wondering about the Diabetes Destroyer in the online market. And I have come to let you know how Diabetes Destroyer works!! So keep reading my article “How Diabetes Destroyer Works?”, if you are eagerly wondering for this question.

How Diabetes Destroyer Works?

David Andrews authorizes diabetes Destroyer. He promises with his natural treatment everyone can kill their diabetes and his natural treatment is being called as Diabetes Destroyer. You may be wondering how Diabetes Destroyer works?

We are not confirming about the result, but I am going to share the Diabetes Destroyer program or steps, to let you know how works to control your diabetes symptoms is. David’s Diabetes Destroyer works in three steps and in below I will describe you about Diabetes Destroyer’s steps. So that, you will know how Diabetes Destroyer works according to Diabetes Destroyer.

#Step 1 – Boost Your Insulin Factory: This is the first step of Diabetes Destroyer, referred by David Andrews. In this step, you will be increasing your body insulin. Insulin help to use our body and transform is to energy. By increasing your body insulin, you can control your body glucose. This is the main factor of diabetes. Here, Andrew shared the process to increase your body insulin.

#Step 2 – A Perfect Diet Plan To Control Diabetes: In this step, you have to change your diet plan, it is a temporary for your diet, but the result would remain for the lifetime; according to David Andrews. This Diet plan would improve your body metabolism, and our body metabolism helps our organs to work perfectly. David Andrews will provide you the tricks to improve your body metabolism in this step.

#Step 3 – A Perfect Time To Kill Diabetes: To control your diabetes symptoms you will require a perfect timing of your meal, and this is very important according to David Andrews. In this step, he will provide you the perfect timing for you meal to reverse your diabetes.

I hope you have come to know how Diabetes Destroyer works. On above, I have described you how Diabetes Destroyer works.  If you have any queries about the Diabetes Destroyer, then you can leave me a comment in the comment section. And visit official website : https://DiabetesDestroyeri.com

An All Rounder Fitness King Machine: “Motive Fitness TotalStretch TS200 Commercial Body Stretching Machine”

At times, our body feels stiffness and tight muscles, and we need to stretch out. Stretching is an integral and important part of any fitness program. The Motive Fitness TotalStretch TS200 is a stretching machine that helps us in our warm-up in order to give us pain relief after a hard and firm workout period. It aims at different muscles of your body.

A Review:

ErgoStretch Handlebar, ErgoStretch Platform, ErgoStretch Roller, Padded seat, and illustrated placard along with it gives a perfect guide to the technicality, functions and usage of this stretching machine which is one of the best products from the branded and well known, MOTIVE FITNESS, a solution provider to the fitness and good health of the society. The seat is padded and dependable and strong which makes it to last long. The padded seat makes you comfortable while stretching your muscles, allowing the user to move or stretch safely and effectively without getting hurt. The weight of the machine is 88 lbs and it can take the capacity of up to 325 lbs user size.

The machine is mobile and can be easily moved or shifted from place to place, easily and conveniently.

Key Features and Specializations:

  • ErgoStretchTM Handlebar System
  • ErgoStretchTM Platform
  • ErgoStretchTM Rollers
  • Comfortable Seat/Leg
  • Weight of the machine is 88 pounds.
  • Dimension is 59 x 29 x 40
  • Illustrated Placard


Benefits of ErgoStretchTM Handlebar System: Low Back

With this ErgoStretchTM handlebar system, it provides multiple grips to focus on totally different muscles for exercisers of all sizes. It keeps our foot in a very correct position to the structures and functions of our body and correct 90 degree angle to make sure an efficient hamstring stretch perfect. Ensures correct foot position and stability for various standing stretches. The handlebar is equipped with multiple grips which is built keeping in mind the various sizes of exercisers or customers, making them comfortable while stretching out doing workout either standing or seated.

Benefits of ErgoStretchTM Platform: Calf-Gastroc

It puts you in the right position for your stretches. It has effective and comfortable leg stability either while doing standing or seated stretching workouts resulting in effective and safely performance from the workout.


Benefits of ErgoStretchTM Rollers: Hips/ Quadriceps

The stretcher platform and rollers make sure that users are placed within the correct position and facilitate to stabilize the user throughout stretching exercises. The wheels are integrated into the welded frame to create moving the TotalStretch comfortably

Comfortable Seat and Leg Pad: Gluteus – Buttocks

The padded seat gives stability and comfort to the user to be in the right position while doing seated stretches. The dimension of the machine is 59 x 29 x 40 inches which makes it very comfortable to the user.

Illustrated Placard

The user will get an illustrated placard of 10 stretch total body circuits for Low Back, Gluteus, Inner thigh/Groin, Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Calf-Gastroc, Calf-Soleus, Lats-Back, Adductors/Hamstrings, and Hips/Quadriceps

Motive Fitness TotalStretch TS200 Commercial Body Stretching Machine is one of the best stretching machines within the price range of US Dollars ($700-$800). In the market, you will find it available in Silver / Black colour. With an all round stretching machine which benefits all the muscle parts of the body, all I can say is that I would like to suggest you that it is completely worth to buy it to keep you fit as we know that there is no harm to use stretching machines on a daily basis and do the stretch regularly.


Why is iPhone 7 the best from Apple?

Though the brand name is just enough for any of us to want to buy an Apple iPhone 7, but we bring to you all the right reasons as to why iPhone is just the best. You wouldn’t be surprised to know that the iPhone 7 has a number of newly added features which will definitely help Apple in getting the sales chart up. Here is why you should be looking forward to the iPhone 7:

  • 3 variants: This time, the apple iPhone 7 has a set of 3 variants to offer to you. Unlike the other times when we had only two options to choose from, this time, Apple has brought for its users 3 different variants, namely: iPhone 7, 7 plus and 7 PRO. Yes, the iPhone 7 Pro is an addition to the series.
  • The lighting port: For better sound and speaker like music, the headphone jack has been done away with, meaning that you will now require to connect to your speakers via the lightning port which is indeed nothing less than a blessing.
  • Colour options: so from the earlier options of just 3 colours, you now have 5 colours to choose from, which are, Silver, Gold, Rose gold, Space black and Deep blue. Sounds fun? 5 shades of iPhone 7?
  • Storage: As the rumours have indicated, followed by the confirmation, the iPhone 7 will have its base model’s memory as a 32 GB from the earlier 16 GB. After all, 16GB is never enough for an iPhone.
  • 4K video recording: iPhones have, without doubt, an amazing video as well as camera quality; the 4K recording option is just the cherry on the cake. The iPhone 6s had it, and the iPhone 7 shall also have it.
  • AMOLED display and dual speaker: From the earlier LEDs, Apple shall now have a totally AMOLED display. Also, since there will no longer be any headphone jack, the additional speaker shall only up the level of music that this phone shall have to offer.
  • The price: Well, iPhone is not going to come at an easy price, and so, we expect nothing less from the iPhone 7 either, just like earlier ones. So the iPhone 7 might be available for a 60k INR to as high as 95,000 INR. Now that’s definitely something? But, it’s an iPhone!

So that was about it. You can now rejoice and wait, until you have your iPhone 7 with iOS 10!

Top Cannon Gun Safe Accessories for complete storage and protection of your guns!

A leader in the market Cannon has been serving its customers for 45 years now. The brand has garnered reputation and loyalty of its customers due to its world class safes that ensure security for lifetime. The Cannon gun safes are among the best product of the company that has also achieved many awards for the same. Not only Cannon safes are secure with powerful lock and other safety features but they are also the best in the market when it comes to Cannon Gun Safe Accessories.


Cannon Gun safes have protection as its top priority but they also excel when it comes organizing the safes for the best use of the space available. The accessories that make the organization and maintenance of the safe a lot easier include:

  • Door Panel Pistol Kit: The door panel pistol kit have been especially designed to accommodate as many hand guns as you want. A perfect organization panel for clean and safe layout of your safe. The panel has Velcro design for proper and easy organization. The door panel comes with cannon hooks for easy placement. The door panel pistol kit does not require drilling efforts therefore does not affect the look of your gun safe.
  • Security Safe Light: Another useful product from the house of cannon gun safe accessories is security safe light. This light has magnetic attachment which makes it simple to be attached to the door of the gun safe. The light comes with 3VLithium Battery which is included in the security safe light when you buy it. The safe light has red LED with two minute lightning cycle. The security safe light is easy to operate with a just a push on the start button.
  • Gun Saver Dehumidifier: Another amazing accessory that will keep your guns safe but also enhance gun’s longevity is Gun Saver Dehumidifier. The dehumidifier protects guns against any moisture that could lead to corrosion etc.  The dehumidifier maintains low and even temperature inside the gun safe that keeps the guns preserved for long time.
  • Silica Gel Dehumidifier: Cannon gun safe accessories also have silica Gel Dehumidifier that gives long term protection to your equipments in the safe. This Silica Gel Dehumidifier gives your gun safe protection of 57cu feet. The indicator provided on the top of Silica Gel alarms the users whenever the gel is saturated and needs reactivation. This is one stop solution to all your problems such as corrosion, rust, mildew and spoilage.  Each Silica Gel Dehumidifier is 7-Inch h x 6.5-Inch w x 5 1/2-Inch d in dimensions. The product will keep your guns safe and secure for over years.

All the Cannon Gun safe Accessories listed above are high in terms of quality and performance yet available at reasonable prices. These accessories have been designed to keep your costly guns and other equipments completely safe in terms of organization and effects of environment like rust, corrosion etc.  Cannon Gun safes are a leader in the market as they provide the best at reasonable prices with complete customer support. Like Cannon Safe no other manufacturer provides its customer with lifelong warranty. The brand has achieved many awards that prove its dedication in serving its customers. Some of the awards achieved include:

  • Best Cannon Gun Safe Award
  • Best Cannon Mid Range Gun Safe
  • Best Cannon Gun Safe under $1000.

Cannon Gun Safe along with Cannon Gun Safe Accessories prove to be a complete solution to all your storage, security and protection needs of guns and other valuable equipments that too at the best price in the market.





Office Mobile App for Android gets major updates

Microsoft keeps plugging absent at its Office environment suite for Android. There are a number of important updates from the most up-to-date edition that ought to assistance spherical out capabilities you could have already been missing.

A single main catch-up is inside the ability to pin a file for your dwelling monitor. It’s been a longstanding ability inside of Google Docs, and it is definitely a very good 1 to own if there is a selected file you have to accessibility often.

word pin to property screen
Pin a file
proper to your house display screen using the most current update to Phrase for Android.
To pin an
app on your property display screen, head towards the Recent menu and touch the overflow button. You can find no rapid “start a new file” possibility from your widgets menu, as opposed to Google Docs, so a different document even now involves opening the Term, Excel, or PowerPoint application.

When you first fan the flames of Word once the update you are going to be greeted that has a changelog from the new goodies, with a take note which the capacity to open up Facts Rights Management (IRM) documents plus a splashy colour palette are reserved for those using an Business 365 membership.

office environment android updates
Plenty of goodies, which include extra color, are coming to Place of work for Android.
You’ll see the colour alternatives whenever you choose to structure a file from any on the 3 apps. Eventually, should you use Outlook you are going to give you the option to immediately edit a document appropriate after opening it straight from your e-mail. This protects you some time, as previously you’d want to save lots of the file to the gadget and then send out it again.

You can seize the newest variation of Term, Excel, and PowerPoint from your Google Engage in Retail outlet.

Theaffect on you: If you’re an Place of work 365 subscriber, you will be content to check out Microsoft remains to be doing work to generate its suite of applications responsible for mobile efficiency. Within our comparison of Place of work and Google Docs we observed lots to love with what Microsoft has developed, particularly in how solid Phrase, Excel, and PowerPoint function across distinctive platforms.


Google Fit Gets New Watch Faces with the New Update.

Google Fit receives an important makeover in its most up-to-date application update.

Version 1.fifty seven keeps many the true secret abilities of Google’s wellbeing tracking app the exact same, however the new look tends to make the practical experience somewhat more nice inside equally the smartphone app and Wear observe facial area.

You will discover the plans and everyday tracking screens absolutely are a large amount flashier, having a new header picture and other utilizes of coloration to amplify your specifics. You can add a number of goals from the landing site to see your progress, or lack thereof. The timeline can be less difficult to study by using a darker colour for that “active” minutes from the graph.

The floatingaction button is in the prepared to permit you add a new target if there is something else you desire to maintain close tabs on.

googlematch update
There are plenty of changes to generally be identified using the most current version of Google Suit.
The AndroidUse look at encounter and widgets also received a small amount of polish. The widget can be tailored to indicate a particular health aim, whereas ahead of it could only listing your each day actions. This gives you the option to put many widgets on your screen if you’re monitoring different sets of plans.

Theobserve experience also undertake the color plan adjustments discovered during the key app, having a darkish history on the digital and analog variations.

googlein good shape view
The GoogleFit look at confront has sharper track record color options.
The updates are rolling out nowduring the Google Engage in Retail store or might be identified on APK Mirror.

Theeffect on you: In the event you like retaining all of your information with Google, this can be a awesome set of updates that needless to say also engage in very well with the Android Wear check out. You can find plenty other exercise apps to be had on this area, so it’s significant that Google retains speed in what must certainly be a fairly extensive marathon of physical fitness opposition.


Microsoft’s big Windows 10 Anniversary update launches on August 2

Microsoft’s most up-to-date main refresh of Windows 10 will be unveiled publicly on August 2, the organization confirmed Wednesday morning.

In a very web site submit, Microsoft outlined the total listing of new options coming with all the update, which includes safety updates, improvements to Cortana and options directed at earning touchscreen products with Home windows ten more useful.

The news comes practically a yr after the buyer start of Home windows ten, which has been one of the company’s key turning points under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella. The running program has observed huge (if, sometimes, unintended) adoption by both of those small business and consumer end users in that point, and these updates may possibly additional spur adoption across people marketplaces too.

Additional reading: The Home windows 10 Anniversary Update’s greatest new functions

With the start of the Anniversary Update, consumers will now have the ability to do much more with Cortana, the Microsoft virtual assistant that transported while using the functioning method final year. The assistant is currently readily available to just take commands on users’ lock screens, so they can do factors like check with questions and engage in songs while not having to unlock their units.

Cortana could also now remember things for users like their recurrent flyer number, so that they never really have to go rooting about in the submitting cupboard or e mail inbox as a way to locate that information.

home windows ten ink workspace
The pop-out Home windows Ink workspace dashboard.
Microsoft is also introducing new resources that make it much easier to jot down notes employing a touchscreen-enabled tablet or laptop computer. The Home windows Ink characteristics give customers a virtual notepad to doodle, sketch or maybe scribble down some notes without needing to hold out quite a long time for an app to launch.

Which is only scratching the area with the update, which also provides a slew of other functions such as safety enhancements and improved Xbox integration. Microsoft Edge also received a handful of updates, together with guidance for browser extensions-something that experienced been on the browser’s roadmap due to the fact previous 12 months.

Until finally July 29, customers can enhance to Windows 10 without spending a dime. Microsoft has not reported just how much it’ll demand for an up grade to its new functioning system immediately after that advertising finishes, but the organization has built apparent that its provide to up grade customers for gratis will likely be ending ahead of the brand new update arrives out.

Organization customers’ deals remain the same-they’ve generally had to pay for for volume licenses of Windows 10, which approaching deadline doesn’t change that.

Individuals that want to get the brand new attributes for just a spin a little bit early normally takes part inside the Home windows Insider Method, a bunch of community beta testers that Microsoft has actually been giving new builds of Windows 10 ahead of their release to consumers. Using an Insider build is not for the faint of coronary heart, however-they may have bugs that split critical elements of Windows.


Real time screen sharing is coming to Nexus devices.

Google may very well be putting a friendlier facial area on its shopper assist initiatives. A brand new report implies the corporation is developing a stay help app that would permit you share your display screen with tech aid to raised solve problems.

The app is often called Google Help, while not lots is known about it right now. Even the screenshot can be a mockup:

google assistance appAndroid Law enforcement
Display screen sharing could be a critical aspect in Google’s focused assist app.
Google already gives phone and chat guidance for Nexus units, but this could give a further volume of guidance to help individuals who operate into a difficulty.

You could possibly also have observed all those on-screen navigation buttons appear different. One more rumor suggests Google might be going by using a various design, opting for filled-in icons in place of outlines, along with a household button sporting Google’s four shades. Everything appears a bit odd today, so let’s hope this is a work-in-progress.

Why this issues: On the list of advantages of an iphone is you could wander into an Apple Retailer and get hands-on support. Samsung has also branched out with this region with committed aid workers inside Ideal Obtain merchants. If Google would like its Nexus line to obtain wider enchantment further than tech fanatics, this might be considered a route it should go down.